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Small talk : Today last day of CNY d. Sad. =(

Aloha..i'm back in JB again. Let me tell you about my hectic weekend.

On thu nite we had a Management Test. It was supposed to start at 8pm but ended up starting past 8:3opm. Poor coordination btw the lecturers..and it was a MANAGEMENT test. i thought they should be good at management of time etc. Make me scared bus ride back to Klang was at 9:45pm. Luckily it was objective. Go in shoot liao then can come out early. My coursemate Gugen was accompanying me back to Klang. Then the bus damn kia-lang. He drive like a F1 driver can? 2 1/2 hrs reach Pudu d. 3 1/2 hrs reach Klang!

The reason i got back to Klang for the weekend was because i had to attend 2 job interviews on fri : A company 'N' based in Banting and a company 'P' in Cyberjaya. Gugen too had the 'N' interview so we went together n he overnited at my house. Such a polite young man. My mom says he's hansem too..hehe.

So on the great day that was Friday..

Morning - Company 'N'

  • It was the final interview.
  • Interviewed by 3 gentlemen. 1 dept head, his assistant, and a guy from HR.
  • Non technical(coz last time test liao). Just talk about myself.
  • Will know results in 2 weeks time.
  • Got allowance by just going to the interview. She say pay our transportation wor. syiok!

Afternoon - Company 'P'

  • Had to sit for a technical n an aptitude test. I think the aptitude more paria than the technical..serious.
  • U all know IQ is not veli high nia. Then got one part show u picture of a rope. The question ask u if pull both ends of the rope will entangle anot. Damn cb. 60 ques like that do in 5 mins.
  • They actually want a programmer rather than an engineer. A c++ programmer.
  • Can wear jeans n t-shirt go work. When the interviewer came's like i'm interviewing him..wakaka!
  • If i'm short-listed again, will have to go for another round of HR interview.
  • This one no allowance..paria.

Then i'm suppose come back(to JB) on sat morning by plane. I needed to come back in a hurry coz there's this career fair in utm itself and i wanted to attend it. A 7:55am AirAsia. AND I OVERSLEPT! My whole family did too. It's very scary when u "wake up" just to turn off the alarm and when u really wake up u dun remember doing so. We somore set 3 So in the end i took a bus back instead. Although i din manage to board a flight, but i 'bao' the whole bus back can? Hehe..i was the onli passenger in the bus all the way from Klang to JB..siao!

Today is sunday n i just came back from the utm career fair. Went to an interview with Company 'F'(some1 calls is Company X..hehe) based in PJ. Basically it was a chat nia. Seems that they need around 30ppl for a Premier Trainee program. But onli can know whether short-listed in more than a month's time. So see how la. Actually all oso still see how. '10 wak dou mei yao 1 pit'.

Yor..need work d. Wan meh?


i assume your 'company f' refers to the one i'm at now. don't bother applying for the trainee program (something called INSEP if not mistaken), you'll be doing an engineer's job and getting half the pay.
better try to get a permanent spot...

Deriku said...
10:49 PM  

thanks so much for the important info.

too bad they came here just to hire trainees ler. who wouldn't want a permanent spot rite?

E-quan said...
1:07 AM  
Anonymous said...
6:01 AM  

so hows ur interview in company "P"? No news from them?

Anonymous said...
10:19 AM  

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