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Ladies n gentlemen, this is my..

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See the new layout? It's based on the simplest n nicest K2 template by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis, and Safirul Alredha. I hope u like Jay it.

Today is the 2nd of July 2006..8 months after the inaugural launching of Confirm Cekap.
8 months x 30 days = 240 days
240 days / 100 posts = 2.4 day per post
That means i'm currently using almost 2 1/2 days to produce 1 post. Not too bad la hor?
More to come from me that's for sure. =)

To see the old layout..proceed >>here<<.

p/s : So now i'm gonna leave my blog like this for..say..2 weeks? Taking some time off n going to Mauritius to celebrate my "achievement". Hope to hear from u guys. Cheers!


Well done , our Mr confirmcekap!!! 100th post.. yeah... waiting for ur 1000th, 10000th, 100000th post... yeah!! yeah!!
Btw, the sidebar is on the top ady.. no more bottom... good job... hehe...

siao laoshu said...
9:18 AM  

fuyoh 100th post, new layout some more. nice though it takes quite long to load.
congrats..keep blogging.

Derek said...
5:19 PM  

hey hey..nice to hear from my readers who actually comment. thanks..really appreciate it.

siao laoshu : internship ending soon..hurray!

derek : all the best in work ok? cleanroom man.

take care now.

E-quan said...
9:37 PM  

hey,really confirm cekap.There are lots of memories in your blog.CONGRATULATION on 100th bolg

Anonymous said...
2:19 AM  

thanks ms anonymous.

ur comment is very motivational.

E-quan said...
10:59 PM  

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