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Balik kampung

Yo yo. So nobody ffk on movie day happy! But Mr. Bean wasn't that spectacular ler. Paiseh ha..waste all of ur monies onli. rm11 can eat alot things oredi..ahaha! Ean-jie somore go watch 300 after syiok. 2 persons..rm44 d..huiyoh.

Today is Tuesday, 2:05am. I think by tonite will naik bus balik Klang d. Then sunday onli come back JB..wah..SYIOK! Actually got 2nd interview with Company P again on friday afternoon. Then need do Passport oso. Grad trip go Bangkok leh..yauyeng. Then weekend go back parents' hometown for Qing Ming. Macam busy aje..aiseh.

Then got one lecturer just HAVE TO make a quiz this friday..wan ye nia. Actually she damn wan ye whole sem..paria wan. So reschedule with her take the quiz later the next monday. Hope the quiz same paper ler..then cekap liao. =)

So that'll probably sum up my week liao. Now need return back to my report writing. Class at 8am. Slept from 7pm to 12am just now..smarty pants. Guess will be going to class straight. Champion.


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