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Small talk : This week has been full of good news for me. So happy!

Arlo again. U all know bor, WenJin terlibat in motor accident but luckily is "pei ngoi xiong" but still oso..scratches here n there. Now rest at home. Then Adeline kena denggi leh..kesian. She say she recovering n will be discharged soon. Hope both of them get well real soon. Take care.

It's time for a commercial break. Present to u all some youtubes.

#1. Recommended by E-quan. CNY 2007, the year where Petronas loses to DiGi.

"Hai li dou la. Hou wong ah, hou gan yiu wong ah!"

#2. Recommended by WeeHau. He personally msn me tell me put on blog. Semangat.

One video is enough for u to understand the Muar district.

#3. Recommended by CheeHoa. The renowned Miss Alvin! Phewit!

"Ai tia pa chiu la." "AIIIIIIYOOORR!"


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