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Stephen Chow's Classics

I can't understand if some1 can dun like Sing-yeh's works..WHERE GOT MUNGKIN?!? Almost all his work are classics(minus KungFu Hustle..hehe). But what i like MOST about his movies is: He sure incorporate some music/songs into his movies to make them really memorable. I give u some examples:

1. From "Tong Bak Fu Dim Chao Heong"

Who can ever forget.."siu gai zhong yi sek"?

2. From "Guo Chan Ling Ling Cat"

See the batang rokok.

3. From "Sik San"

Karen Mok: "zou heng dai sai gong ye"(If we're brothers, noneed say a word).

The MOST Classic of them All..

4. From "Ga Yao Hei Si"(All Well Ends Well)

"Tong xi tin ngai lui lok lang..XIONG hong ho bit chan xiong SIAK!" - The Hokkien I CHI BANG desu ne!

p/s: The last clip taken from 999danny's photobucket. Thx guy.


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