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Hey hey..back with Part 2..with a nice title too!

Today as i flipped through The Star..wooo..

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Erika Kong of Sarawak set an unprecedented record by winning all ten individual and two relays she contested in the girls' Under-12 category.
So cutie!

Oh yeah..i found a new way of sharing photos with u guys. Saves me alot of time(plain lazy efficient me) too!

Melawat Klang - Bandar DiRaja

We have been visiting each other's houses for the past 7 years now.

Melawat Melaka - Bandaraya Bersejarah
Melawat Muar - Bandar Maharani(according to

B4 i went back JB after CNY break, we beramai-ramai make house-visits to Melaka and Muar. SOOOooo memorable.

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Elaine playing her house piano..cutie-nya!

And that concludes this year's edition of CNY's posts. Till next time guys.


dude she's 12 years old. paedo...haha.

Deriku said...
9:25 PM  

shhhh..janganlah kuat sangat.

e-quan said...
1:04 AM  

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