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I am sick.

After eating roti-telur-bawang-planta(1 roti mind u), E-quan is officially sick.

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Now E-quan can't do wat he does best - tokking cock.

All may send regard here. (If there's any..hehe.)


heal heal heal!

James said...
2:00 PM  

hey..thanks..really appreciate it man. somebody does care afterall.

saddened by touch-n-goers.

"oh great paladin..heal me!" sambil tu i run to the fountain of health k.

E-quan said...
5:21 PM  

abit late.. but take care. recover be4 psm presentation. ^^

Ai Lin said...
10:11 PM  

dear ailin chan,

thanks thanks. today went see doctor again coz cough is becoming worse. but i think i shall be able to recover in time. really glad u're not an touch-n-goer. all the best in ur psm!

E-quan said...
10:57 PM  

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