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Small talk : I dunno is i stupid or i suei(maybe both). Everytime wan submit JLPT form sure got some stupid problem wan. This time i sticked the AR sticker to the return envelope but forgot append the AR slip. JLSM called and told i should've just throw in the whole sticker w/o sticking. Luckily the thing still can be sent. And somebody came back from Redang straight going Desaru wor. syiok!

U know is 09.09.06. And it's..

Jay's "Still Fantasy" release day.

Go to the stores and get yours NOW! I'll be getting mine when i reach skudai. I read that track #9 damn chun wor..can melt any girl's heart wor. Damn..sat sai all the luis.


Oh yeah..Tom n Katie Cruise just got their first baby..

Her name Suri. Walau..damn pretty can?

When handsome meets beautiful the hasil sure cekap wan issit? Aiyor..i so like baby la..ang gu gu oh..hehe.


if tom's surname was 'tangga' and he gave his daughter a middle name 'rumah', wouldn't it make an interesting name?

Derek said...
12:15 AM  


just in case got ppl dunno the surname lastname middlename shit.

for example tom cruise. tom is lastname cruise is surname.

so suri's name would be
suri rumah tangga!


E-quan said...
3:51 AM  

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