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Small talk : Aiyor..3 more days have to go back skudai to face reality.

U see hor..i have been an Internet Explorer user for quite some time now. Coz hor..last time IE is confirm the best la. That time onli got Netscape Navigator..kesian him..let IE squash until now dunno hilang where..hehe.

But till lately..IE is stuck at IE6..the ppl at Microsoft damn malas dowan upgrade it. So this let other ppl with greater ideas like Firefox n Opera to take a greater cut of the internet browser cake. Like for example..i switched to Firefox lately coz my IE doesn't support tab browsing(a feature that i deem importante).

HOWEVER..Microsoft recently realised(after snooze so many times)..that they are losing alot of clients to Firefox they berusaha'ed and finally came out with IE7! In order to use it..u have to have a genuine copy of Windows. Is not like u and me use pirated Windows rite? We are not that cheap..and we do support ORI. YES WE DO.

Anyway..just wan show u all how the IE7 looks like. (via my bro's new Dell notebook..damn jealous)

The outlook looks good!
Besides having tab browsing, it has a Quick Tab feature which enables u to have screenshot look of all the tabs u have opened.
Chunted rite?
Wait..i also found this DIY article. Enjoy..


firefox rulez!!! =P

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