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Ai Diu Li..

Small talk : Congrats to uncle vernon n auntie petunia. From ur cekap nephew, happy potter.

Ok..b4 i start my post let's clarify a joke to ahpompom n whoever who didn't get it. Remember >>this<< ?
Observe below :

in MSN..
e-quan : Her sister's name is Edith.
cheeson : Wah..dasyat punya name la.
cheeson : U know wat? I think my name is Formath.
(So at this precise moment i was trying to tafsir wat he meant. 5 seconds later..)
e-quan : CHAO TURTLE!
(My smart readers, u all un rite?)

First hor..cheeson u damn paria la. Y u come up with so "chim"(deep) punya joke? You see : Elaine's sister name is Edith. According to, the name EDITH(pronounced EE-dith) was..

Derived from the Old English element ead "rich, blessed" combined with gyæ "war". This Old English name remained popular after the Norman conquest.

Okok..straight to the point. So cheeson's joke was :

He first time hear this name ma. He thought very cool. Coz it's like edith..u know.."edit"[prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.] with a "h" at the back. So he jokingly created a nickname for himself ler..namely formath. Simple yet wicked rite? So got it now dear readers?

I never tell u all b4 rite? I'm a big fan of taiwanese zhong yi program - "我猜我猜我猜猜猜"(The Guess Show). And i is damn suka n respect the host Jacky Wu Zong Xian lor(we dun kira his foya-foya side k). He's like know every single thing and know every single song lor..somore is "rap king". His jokes hor..sometimes might laugh until whole neighbourhood oso dengar..paiseh onli.

Let's see him in action :

Hokkien rendition of the song "I Believe".
Poor quality becoz video from camera shooting the monitor. Somebody plz teach me how to cut n edit rmvb files!!!

Aiyor..i must know hokkien. Somebody teach me. Not >>these<< la..those i know liao. Next time i wan sing hokkien songs in ktv..but dowan "Ai Bia Jia Eh Ia" ok? Hehe.


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