Subscribe to my full feed. blog really got alot hamsap readers..wakaka! Remember Part 1 of the SEL NITE 07 i posted alot lenglui photos?

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It was posted on Sunday. See the drastic increase of readers to my blog. Ham sap lou RULEZ!

And in the my last post i made a BIG BIG mistake. I forgot post one special photo leh. Now add balik k? Somore this post especially dedicated to this one photo onli. Kagum sial.

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HooiEan - Xi wang shui zai bu Hooi Ean dao Tmn U he Pulai(Hope the flood won't reach Tmn U and Pulai).

I oredi very berusaha'ed liao oh..Ean jie. =P


tsk tsk tsk. you forgot loke also ler =P was waiting for that. super lenglui wor.haha

H.C. Tan said...
11:44 AM  

exactly la! missed big time.

hp loke - winner of Miss Sexy Legs in miss hpc awards 2007!

my mistake my mistake.

hc tan, u teruk la. make me sad edi. tsk tsk.

E-quan said...
12:27 PM  

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