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Dong Zhi 2006

Small talk : It seems that photobucket is slowly improving. At least i can start accessing it. Huiyoh, i got alot things to blog about. I think i'll backtrack n start off at where i left.

SEL NITE 07 is finally over. I is damn relieved can? Now at nite i can sleep edi. For the post regarding sel nite..tunggulah kawan-kawan sekalian. Saya habiskan saki-baki ini dulu.

The photo below is totally digressed. But fan leader say must give her this photo so i post 1st.

(+click to enlarge)

Damn it. Y u so good at flying kite wan? Fong fei kei alot will help in fong zi yiu oso issit?


Dunno some chinese saying says "Dong dai guo Nien" which literally means Winter Solstice Celebration is a bigger event than Chinese New Year. I dunno how they came up with that but i feel how oso CNY more geng gua. Every house oso burn 8ft punya red fire-crackers..sure win la.

Nevertheless, all my family members came back home(me on hols, my bro study near near upm nia) n Mom cooked us a "reunion dinner"..hehe.

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Keng bor? If i can conquer 10% my mom's cooking skills then i is very keng liao.

U all still remember this post bor? That KY paria 'zat' me till kau kau. This time i smart edi..really cook k.

Dong Zhi is cannot dun have Tang Yuan la..

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Pandan leaves, ginger, and gula melaka is all u need to make the "soup".

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This time damn got gaya rite?

My sis's ballet teacher gave all her students xmas presents..

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It doesn't have wings but it doesn't look like a kiwi..dunno wat bird la. But it's sure can stand on the speaker..waseh.

Till next time..take care.


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