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3 More Days

Small talk : Huiyoh..tiga hari lagi. Jom heboh!


Although i'm very sure that none will be sesat this saturday, i felt that it's my obligation to post a guide to the venue. Thus..


So u take the road which heads to senai. Head directly to the Senai Airport. On the way u'll meet a traffic light where u have to turn right. B4 turning if u see a big arc(gerbang) on ur right..that means ITS THAT TURNING! Turn right n go straight all the way. After a few minutes u'll see the sign "PALM RESORT, Golf Course & Hotel"..THAT'S THE SIGN that u should follow all the way. Chongchi if u see the sign..the fellar call u turn left then u turn la. Turn right then u turn oso.

Kalau u follow the instructions accordingly..u sudah sampai. U'll see a guard house. Don't ramp it! Stop and take a guest card from the security guard.

Kalau u c the following photos after the guard house..u sudah 100% SAMPAI!

Main foyer.

Sofitel Palm Resort.

After entering the main lobby turn left n walk straight.

U'll see this big lamp on the way.

The convention hall. Enter it n turn right. It's the PERKASA BALLROOM.

C u there. All the best!!!


hmm...i haven't got my invitation card yet...

Deriku said...
9:21 PM  

i went there once..nice place! =) cant wait to see the pics for ur SEL nite! esp of the SEL lengluis haha

H.C. Tan said...
12:17 AM  

deriku : u noneed invitation card wan..straight come can masuk liao =P

hc tan : walau.. h.c. tan pula. yeap..hope it'll be a great nite. pics later upload let u c. =)

E-quan said...
1:52 AM  

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