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Give Life

Arlo macha..apa macam? Hope evelithing smooth smooth ha.

If u've been a long time reader of confirmcekap, you might be aware that i was 55kg.


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B4 industrial training i was around 58kg. After, finally hit 60kg! HURRAY!

As stated in my new year's resolution, I-WILL-DONATE-BLOOD-WHEN-I'VE-REACHED-60KG.

So on a fine Sunday morning that is July the 23rd at 10:30am, E-quan, Elaine, and 3 good frens went to the Taman U Sports Club to give life(for their first time). 2 failed due to various reasons..hehe.

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A happy donor. The nurse damn cekap..cucuk the needle not pain wan.

I have ALWAYS wanted to donate blood for as long as i can remember. The main reason was(and still is) :

Isn't it great that my small contribution can save someone's life?

Furthermore, i'm always "haunted" by the saying :

"What happens when YOU needed blood? Don't you wish someone would donate it to you?"

So today one of my life's must-do has been completed. I is happy.

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One bag full = 450ml. Equivalent to a small coke bottle minus abit.

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See..i finally got my small red book.

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Inagural entry. More to come.

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See..they got provide food nice. Briyani, chicken, and egg. Got somebody have 2 servings somore.

To the ones who didn't manage to donate(due to watever reasons), try next time ok? Coz you should! In my opinion..there are onli 4 reasons why u can don't donate :

1) You are ineligible to donate.
- You have HIV or other deceases. You are underweight(less than 45kg). You're having period(1 week b4 and 1 week after oso cannot). You've had medications or injections. You've just had a donation less than 2 months ago.

2) You are haemophobic.
- Means you're afraid of blood.

3) You have contributed in other ways.
- You are Bill Gates and you've set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which has benefited poor children worldwide. You're a Doctor Without Borders(Normal doctors do not apply).

4) You're a coward.
- Google it. give u a final encouragement or uummpphh(as YeeChong calls it)'s another picture of me donating blood..showing how easy it is.

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No fuss. No pain.


let me add one point:

5) You're a blood-sucking, haemoglobin-loving vampire.

Derek said...
11:21 PM  

Salute! Keep it up!
I almost fainted when I saw Duncan donated last time...Haha! Not sure if I'm haemophobic or a coward! Blek...

ChiawYin said...
3:25 PM  

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