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Bola Breeze

Memperkenalkan Bola Breeze..
I bet u guys have seen this ad on tv rite?



Ronaldinho is speaking Malay(and Chinese if the ad is during some Cantonese dramas) calling u to buy detergent powder can u NOT BUY rite?

So after watching that ad..straight rush to GIANT.

Must buy the 5kg pack onli got ball.

Yeh..Ronaldinho's signature. I is happy.

Jom main!

p/s : I din choose the gold colour nor silver colour(which was obviously nicer) becoz there was no choice. Onli left blue. And some paria ppl go steal balls somore. There left alot 5kg packs with a hole in the packaging..balls gone! Paria.


takkan.. u really went and buy?? u got wash clothes one meh ? ? ? ? wahahaha

jiin said...
11:32 PM  

firstly, i do wash clothes. using the washing machine that is.

secondly, forgot mention that this was in klang. so the big 5kg let mom use..haha.

E-quan said...
8:25 AM  

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