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They don't deserve it.

Come on..when it comes to the u really think that either side would have been deserved to win? It's just a swing of luck.

As u know..i'm a france supporter. i've supported them from the beginning of the campaign. To see them lose the cup like's sad. OF COZ..ZIDANE'S ACT IS COMPLETELY INTOLERABLE. i wouldn't have sided him although i'm a france supporter..i still know wat's right and wat's left wrong ok.

But overall..head-butting Materazzi in the chest..that's cool. Let's look at it again..

For Mr. Zinedine Zidane(FIFA World Player of the Year 3 TIMES) to lose his cool like u really think Materazzi provoked him by saying, "Hey zidane..ur mother looks like a cow!"? I would suggest that u look at the 4 videos below and make ur conclusion.

But this IS football..that's wat that makes this game so beautiful.

p/s : if u're gonna talk bad about france..plz do not comment. thx.


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