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Malaysian Ads Boleh!

I've always said, "Tamade..i should have gone to study advertising". Over the years, i've developed unlimited creativity for fei-ness and if this skill(if it can be called a skill) is to be applied in the advertising industry..i would have been the creative director for leo burnett would have been fruitful.

Nowadays we see many locally-produced advertisements on tv. Some of them are gawd-damn-good and are of internationally quality. This post is dedicated to the ppl behind the local advertising industry..who had worked their asses off to provide u these..

DiGi - The Unsung Heroes of Football

Highlights :
(1)Argentina supporter : " grandmother can kick better than that lah!"
(2)Football fans : "kayu!", "Kayu!!", "KAYU!!!"

Petronas - CNY 2006 Ad

Highlights :
Auntie #1 : "My daughter work in a damn damn popular audit firm..but i dunno wat name lah."
Auntie #2 : "My son performs operation one time can earn 20,000pounds, one day can perform two ah."

Malaysian Idol - Security Guard's YMCA

Highlights :
Guard #1 : "Young man..wat are u doing here?.."

Malaysian Idol - Susuman vs Rotiman

Highlights :
The final expression of Rotiman at the end of the ad.

Talking about Malaysian Idol..after searching the net for this clip for centuries..who can forget this classic..

The guy who disgraces Malaysia

Highlights :
Contestant : "#$%^&*..kua zi bai pa zi bai(see u one time whack u one time)!"


hey e-quan..
glad to see you support the local ad industry..
happy to find someone that supports something "local" :)if we don't, who else would ? :)
take care :)

miao said...
9:37 AM  

hey miao..
i suddenly feel very patriotic after reading ur comment.
what u say is so true.
let's support the local industry shall we?
thanks n take care too!

E-quan said...
8:02 PM  

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