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Well..jiin said I could copy some of her materials..hence I did! It's supposed to complement each other..yes jiin..this IS the word(giggle). So here goes..

I have not have resolutions for the longest time.

Jiin and I had a chat today, and decided that we should post up something for New Year; hence the resolutions.

New Year resolutions are so typical; but we really don't know what to post mar.

And well, I'm a bit bummed now. Cause I really don't know what resolutions I ought to make. :D

In year 2006, I plan to :

1. Gain 5kg(yes jiin, I'm only 55kg) so that I could(refer below).

2. Donate blood for the first time when I've(refer above).

3. Be able to do my best at whatever I do : studying, working, or blogging(snigger).

4. Be able to decide on what I would want to do after I graduate(July 2007).

5. Be a MORE thoughtful son, MORE caring brother, MORE considerate bf, and MORE better friend.

6. Be able to control my emotions and not get angry or besyiok at somebody over the smallest or stupidest thing.

7. Be able to realise I don't live alone in this world and I do have to socialise with other people whether I like it or not.

You know what? I've just realised that I'll be damn the happy if I'm able to do even one of the above. Hey..what you're laughing at? You think you're better meh? What ARE your new year's resolutions?


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