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Elaine bought me 2 presents lately..

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Spongebob and Patrick! So cute rite? Now they reside in my car. Thanks Elaine!

Me HUGE FAN of Spongebob ler..coz he too guailan d. Very cekap. U all should watch Spongebob too. Watch the TV9 wan..translate to Malay d wan. Seriously i feel the Malay version is better than the Engrish wan. Dun believe go watch.


Hey hey, back to JB again. Walau..i thought this time go 2nd interview is HR wan. Mana tau..interviewed by 2 japanese n a chinese..TECHNICAL AGAIN! Ma eh, this company really wan VERY VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ppl. I sure die. N then i must confess, i memalukan-ed UTM..I VERY SAD la! Come expren..

I was given an integration(kamiran) formula to get the volume of a cone. Then the question is not called u solve the kamiran, but expren y the kamiran like this. easy rite u might say. But i suddenly dunno leh. Then the guy clue me in i still damn cha. Haih..i feel so memalukan UTM ler..serious.
Answer: The summation of all the circle areas along the height of the cone is the volume of the cone. CB!


Oh yeah..u all know this guy anot?

I normally call him the yellow guy..but the fellar got name can? He is the Yellow Coverage Fellow. He got his own Friendster page n YouTube page can?

I dunno about u..but i feel we are bombarded by DiGi advertisement lately. All media u name it: tv, radio, FLYERS too!

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We got this together with the newspaper lately.

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Elaine see this behtahan d..straight go make it liao.

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The "handicraft" is currently in my room. By request i can bring and let u see, touch, n try(shout FU-YOH through it la duh) it. Hehe.


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