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Hey, who go Ean-jie bd party din pay for drinks wan. Got 3 fellar din pay ok. Got dunno wat neslo ais or something. All chao super fast. WeeVern paid 1st oh..who forgot pay plz go pay him, thx.


I have a Final Year Project DEMO in 6 hrs time yet i'm typing this entry..yau yeng. I really dun think my blog is popurar enough to do this but by we go.

On Monday (16/4/07) we got this Engineering Ethics final exam rite? That day hor, all wear these kinda t-shirts go exam.

Blue, or


For those who got no collar wan, then u bring the shirt go la..after exam change. If u dun have the shirt, paiseh..can't help u..COZ AFTER THE EXAM, WE GO TAKE PHOTO! Places of interest include: Tmn Rusa, "the kuda there", tasik, etc. VERY CEKAP WAN..ALL THESE WE DO TEPAT 12 NOON..SYIOK! Free sauna included.


Walau..exactly like Pulau Ketam can?

Another thing is, who wan go Kukup the day after the exam (17/04/07)? "Somebody" will be organizing but i dunno who la. So far i think MeiYi won't mind be secretary at the moment. So who wan go hor can kin kin register with her. No..go kukup noneed wear the t-shirt k. Dun siao.


p/s : Feel wan go Redbox/Neway on Monday nite ler..but expensive pula. Can we go on Tuesday afternoon then Kukup postpone to Wednesday? Should be no prob la hor. Hehe.


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