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Model of the day: IanCing

Wah..this is JING BAO! Today we took some photos in campus, after reviewing them through my PC, suddenly feel..THIS ONE MUST BLOG! So i skip a few sepatutnya-ikut-schedule posts to bring u this one first. Remember, u have first seen them on confirmcekap. Cheers!


(+click to enlarge)


(+click to enlarge)


IanCing, plz dun forget my photoshoot payment, thanks.


Waseh... can't manage to become pilot but manage to become "model" in confirmcekap blog...... not bad also le... haha... ok la.. say how much u want... hahaha...

Siao laoshu said...
3:55 PM  

haha. quite expensive wan dey.

i think of how much wan charge u then tell u.

e-quan said...
11:40 PM  

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