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If you chance upon this post without being my usual reader, it is most likely you came here from reading my thesis. That's GREAT! I provided a link in my thesis to here for people who want to try out the program that I have written.

My Final Year Project is entitled "RFID Enhanced Library System" and I've created the system using VB.NET and SQL Server.

Block Diagram.

Graphical User Interface.


Download [here]

Installation requirements:
1. Of course to test the system thoroughly you would have to have an RFID reader. If not you can only play play with the GUI.
2. VB.NET framework (can auto download upon setup).
3. Microsoft SQL Server engine (can auto downlaod upon setup).

p/s: Please be reminded that it can only be used for research and educational purposes only.



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Hey there. Thanks so much for the offer. I'll follow up with you through e-mail.

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