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Hi all. Noticed the green stripe background and the nice utm banner? This is to coincide with the finale of our uni life. 5 years..phew..passed just like that..FUYOH(digi craze)!

For this post, if u have any dedications to the rest of our coursemates, or any special dedication to just one coursemate(hehe), please do not hesitate to do so by posting it in the comments page. Of coz there is no forcing it if u wish to..dun do means u "chuan" lor. Like maybe lowkei did our contacts' list, so i do the dedications list..something like that. Anyway, registration to post a comment is not needed so u won't find it difficult to do so.

My dedication to u guys can be found in there too. So, DEDICATE AWAY!


I would like to dedicate the next song "All The Best" to all my coursemates listening to while in the car, at home, etc.

Thanks for being such wonderful friends and our journey here had been a memorable and treasurable one.

5 years from now I see a gathering of us and most might be married too! Have a cute kid ok?

p/s : Can come find me in Klang for bahkuteh anytime.

p/s : Those leave "n/a" in the coursemates' list damn "chuen". Like we want to find him only..haha!

E-quan said...
7:19 PM  

Yes!! Dei ek mia! XP First to ..after e-quan I mean..

Juz wanna wish all my coursemates good luck in persuing your dreams and take care.It's been been a wonderful experience knowing all of ya. Hope to keep in touch.


clarence™ said...
2:59 PM  

ello boss, very sorry to tell u we don't have any porku in utm, no pok at all...
Haha...All the best in life, make it interesting...Thank God i met you guys, wonderful coursemates and friends.
God bless ya.

kennywee said...
4:22 PM  

help fatt go copy inside..if not he marah..hehe.

"im i the first one? anyway, wish all stay happy always and stay in contact."

clarence : 1st i thought wat is "dei ek mia"..haha. now heng hokkien issit?

kenny : i call the police i tell u. i RALLY call the police!

yewfatt ( said...
11:14 PM  

altera eh kia wan dedicate song to everyone..

Anonymous said...
9:57 PM  

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