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E-quan : Hey confirmcekap, u 1 year old liao ha..happy bd man. u is best.
ConfirmCekap : Thx thx. U oso mer..big boy liao..22 years old lor. May all ur wishes come true k.
Both : Cheers!

*Completely 'hijacked' from hooiching's. Thx ha.

Yes you all may wish me here =) Arigatou gozaimasu. Belated also's the thought that counts..And no,it's not cheap publicity..what's wrong with asking for a birthday wish right? *lolz

22yrs ago, on 2nd Nov 1984..a super cute baby came into this world. 22yrs more cute..but eh sai lar.haha~


lol...happy birthday to equan n confirm cekap!!

hooiching said...
3:12 PM  

happy birthday. hope u enjoy ur day. =)

WickyWock said...
7:42 PM  

both blog anniversary and birthday? wow happy birthday man.

Deriku said...
11:28 PM  

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