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Genting I LUV U

Small talk : November is coming real soon kay. ^_^

B4 real topic as usual must show some wuliao stuffs..

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I should really clean up my desktop.

Confirm Cekap's How Stuffs Work - Digital Scale

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Damn fat edi!


I dunno y, probably b'coz it's near..i f**king go genting at least thrice a year can? I f**king love genting..and lim goh tong too! However, genting is a special place to me la. =P

This raya me n family spent 2 nites at genting. Besides the fact that i can't tahan the cold at nite(i normally sleep with fan at speed #1 or off so u can understand y), it can be considered quite fun. Let me show u some interesting pictures :

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Taken from my hotel. It probably looked like this 10 years ago.

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Paiseh me for being sua gu(unknowledgeable), but i first time see can.

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I want to see rm1k chip ler.

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Went play bowling oso. Beaten by my bro by 10 points. Anyway me is n00b. Can pass 100 mark i oredi happy.

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This one u all sure c b4 rite? In First World plaza there wan. Now can climb for rm4 nia.

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Elaine berjaya climbed last year ler. So damn cekap man. Not easy really. this time i onli went to climb ler. I BERJAYA-ed! If u wuliao..can watch the video of me climbing..wakaka.

Highlight - The 40th second - I beat the small kid on my right..keng!

Actually come to think of's quite unbelievable that i managed it. U see..i is so called city boy..tak pernah climb coconut tree pun..somore 1st time. U know what was my main motivation?

When i climb half way the time quite susah liao..i onli had one thing in mind - Down there alot ppl watching, can't sia sui. =)


ta worker there belay for u? =P actually summit also got ma, artificial rock climbing wall.

long long time ago i play be4. did u change to proper shoes? or use sport shoe nia? climbing on real rocks rockz! haha. but if kena sharp rocks damn pain. =S

WickyWock said...
3:59 PM  

yes they belayed for me(<- i guessing the meaning for belay). proper shoes ler. better still..barefooted.


E-quan said...
7:09 PM  

my home is 50 minutes away from genting and yet i have never seen that handphone charging station...must be real new.

Deriku said...
9:43 PM  

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Celia said...
5:12 AM  

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