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It's so boring w/o her around =(. I even have time to record songs..wahliu!

Nah..i present to u 你最珍贵(You're My Most Precious - not LOTR ok) by 张学友(Jacky Cheung) & 高慧君. This song is dedicated to all the lovers in this world. May u all Yao Qing Yan Zhong Xing Guen Suk. Then the ones haven't got the other half wan may u meet ur frogprince or fairprincess soon.

Get music codes at Bolt.

Okok..HooiEan. I is can understand ur complain. I sang like shit rite? Anyway..u n SenTian sing this song confirm the best. I listen oso lam sei. Next time ktv again oh.

Anyway..if u all wuliao like me. Can listen to the song below oso. Dunno y upload wrong then the 你最珍贵(You're My Most Precious) became Chipmunk's version. Very cute. Enjoy la.

Get music codes at Bolt.

p/s : Anyway..i feel the chipmunk's version is better. =(


love this song! i jz sang that in Karaoke last nite. haha~

actually the terbalik 'V' sign means sumtin wan..considered profanity also wan if i've not mistaken

hooiching said...
7:42 PM  

icic..i bet u sang very cekap-ly. yeah..that song memang fav in ktv ler..everytime sure got ppl sing wan.

terbalik 'v' is profanity meh? good boy dunno all this wan leh. any1 can give precise definition?

E-quan said...
1:55 PM  

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