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I heart Electone

I've started learning the Electone since Standard 1 and stopped officially during Form 5. I'm really glad that i learned this instrument as it is truly versatile and enables me to play all kinds of music. However, i really wished i could reach this level..

Tomioka Yasuya in action.

I've seen Yasuya-san performs numerous times here in Malaysia. What happens is : Electone is owned by Yamaha Japan. And Yamaha is a huge business in Japan until they can afford to have Electone Artists promoting the Electone all over the world. And he is one of them.

One day got Electone concert we all go watch k?

WAH..and then fuck..wan see Jay Chou lan yao ying anot? Hehe..enjoy..

Jolin, dowan. HouPeiChen, dowan. Hebe..let's c last how long..wakaka! Paria Jay..kau sai all the luis.

p/s : I especially like the part where he grab the orange and whack the guy. Hou lan yeng ar.


when i watched ur Tomioka Yasuya video clip, it made me think bout my brother. He learned the electone since 3 years old until form 5 and became partime teacher in Yamaha music school. when i was young at home, i always saw him watch alot electone competition punya clips. Those competitors very action ma play...act like they very TAO ZUI, felt funny la, may be i duno XIN SHANG la, hahahhaa. too bad my mum dim send me to Yamaha, but i did learn a bit from my brother at home, hehe=)

annie said...
12:52 PM  

WAH..not bad ar. i've hardly seen any electone players around for a long time. kudos to ur bro.

yeap yeap..very kuachiong wan. sometimes see liao feel wan tumbuk them. coz if the expressions are natural then it's ok wan. but got some teachers wan prepare students for competitions, teach them must move here move there..memang cacat.

can't wait for annie play some songs for us..hehe.

E-quan said...
11:04 PM  

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