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Procrastinator at his best.

So what happens when ur lecturer gives u an assignment early in the semester and expects u to hand it in by the end of the semester?


So on this fine Friday that is the 14th of October 2006(assignment due Monday), at 9pm, the group members gather to begin working from scratch.

Engineering Economics Assignment Group
e-quan (<-- group leader)
ah chan (<-- #2)
ah sia
ah bee
ah loke
ah pong

e-quan : Last time u know..early of sem..we got one meeting divide jobs go n search individual information wan. So how liao..any progress?
ah chan : Hard not many info nia.
ah sia : ...
ah bee : Got la..found 2 pages like that lor.
ah loke : Eh, wat was i assigned to liao ar?
ah pong : HUH? Since when got meeting b4?

e-quan : Chao turtle! Is cannot like this la! Then last time say will co-operate all..bull shit ar?
group : Oklor..then wat info have u gathered so far?
e-quan : la got la. Go toilet a while ha.

Time frame
9pm(fri) : Start.
2:30am(sat) : Go ask for uncle vernon's help.
9am : McD breakfast. Still haven't finish.
10am : Continue somore. Got "determination".
3pm : Still can't finish. "San ben". Go crash first. (<--oredi up for 18 freaking hrs!)
10:30pm : Gather to finish up n print.
1:30am(sun) : End.

Fuh. Got style. Oredi enjoyed for whole sem use one weekend to work actually quite "worth it" la. Anyway, we couldn't have done it w/o uncle's help. Our group is for eternally grateful. Owe u one oh!

p/s : I should be going to bed now. I have one day(Sunday) to study for my Com System test(Monday afternoon). AND i have the above-mentioned assignment presentation that morning! Wei group members, i wan KFC.


you. owe. me. a. drink. !

Shin Jiin said...
12:48 PM  

just in case some ppl dunno y i owe aunt petunia a drink.

it's becoz i borrowed uncle vernon for a few minutes.


haha. ok "".

E-quan said...
4:42 PM  

when we did our assignment it was so in a rush that all the numbers didn't add up. it's a miracle i got an A for eng. economics :D

Deriku said...
11:21 PM  

well..ours didn't too. so we had to make some adjustments(ahem).

E-quan said...
4:52 PM  

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