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Bon bon oh!

After reading deriku's post, i decided to take the test too! Damn paria..i can onli be in the "Ok maybe promoting an extra one or two low level managers wouldn't hurt the organization." category.

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I must really admit i'm not intelligent at all AND i SUCK at iq tests. I bet elaine can easily 130..serious. U can too rite? Leave a name here if u berjaya.

Last last week hor..we went to this Bon Odori in JB ler. This is like an event organized to promote Japan culture here in Malaysia. Thanks to YY-ge we onli berjaya found that place la(spent 1 hr+ looking for that place i think..damn n00b). Who said the venue was at Giant Tebrau must kena whack. Where got Giant Tebrau?!?

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Got one big stage in the middle for performance.

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Then got the stalls promoting Japanese food, play-stuffs, etc.

Let's enjoy the traditional dance..

Look carefully oh.

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HAHA..saw spiderman anot?!? Walau.

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A kid "tumbuk" rice to make traditional rice cakes.

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This is Cath's favourite hobby - catch gold fish. Too bad the photo dark until like yat pek si..wat oso cannot see.

Then like this wan. The event attracted alot of Japanese living around JB here la. They will go there gai-gai with the whole family SOMORE wear their traditional costumes..very cekap wan. Then hor..the small children(esp small girls) wear the yukata TOTEMO KAWAII NE! Me n Elaine wanted to take photos with them la..but we 2 persons nia..very shy la. Saw alot cute ppl oso dun dare ask them take photos with us. Until finally..hehe..

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Me : Sumimasen, sashin o tottemo i desuka? - Paiseh, can i take a photo?
Dad : Hai hai. - Sure(and proceeds to gather his family).

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CHEEBYE! I can't believe i learned 3 years+ of Japanese Language just for this moment..wakaka!
The kid the Mom carrying wan want to sleep liao.
Kid : CHAO TURTLE..lao die wan go back sleep liao u somore wan take photo..bin tai wan!

So settle liao..i dowan learn anymore. I know 2 sentences i can conquer Japan liao. U can too(works for guys n girls)! Learn..
#1 : Sumimasen, anata no keitai bangou wan nan ban desuka? - Paiseh, ur handphone hor, wat number ha?
#2 : Sumimasen, sashin o tottemo i desuka? - Paiseh, can i take a photo?


After that we went AEON Tebrau watch movie ler - Little Man.

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This movie coming out in december. Must watch k. Got Jay.

Remember i once blogged about the arcade machine that i like the most? Got videos to explain its cekap-ness.

This one is the new type wan. Elaine playing the burger game.

This one is the last time i used to play. Me playing the di-da-bi(autopencil) game. Damn cekap rite? Who created these games is a WULIAO GENIUS! I puifuk him/her..champion.

Next time go arcade must play this game.


hua throwing away your chances to be a potential company director...salute you man for putting up your results.

so are you going to post elaine's score too? :D

Derek said...
8:35 PM  

128.. cannot become company director. very weird one online iq test. so far tickle one gave me the highest.. 138 i think. hahaha.

Ai Lin said...
8:56 PM  

derek | well, if my iq's low i can't do much about it can i? about being a company's director, we'll c wat happens in the future.

ailin | haha..yeah..i've always knew u were the intelligent ones. last time we talked about mensa remember? anyway..hope u become some company's director in da future.

e-quan said...
10:27 PM  

well no need to take it so seriously cos i know even some people with retarded IQ's can become managers...haha. you guys definitely director material lah.

Derek said...
11:25 PM  

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