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Everybody loves music

Hey there. I have a last final paper tomolo..and that's it..sayonara..ONE SEM GONE! I spent the whole nite(i mean morning) watching youtube videos..damn. After watching so many videos, i realised one thing. EVERYBODY LOVES MUSIC! Music's such a wonderful thing isn't it. No matter what language u speak, wat's the colour of ur skin, wat's ur matter how different we are..we're still the same : We're connected by MUSIC.

For those study VHDL till wan siao liao enjoy the videos below. Very entertaining i must say. Anyway, good broadband connection is a must if u dowan kena potong steam. OR..u can load finish the things first then watch them later. Cheers!

#1 Damn cekap music editing

I dunno how many hours he spent on editing this. SIAO!

#2 Demo on Yamaha MO6 Keyboard

I just love how he started his demo with "Hung Up" by Madonna then intro-ed the drums available, then the strings, then continue back with his playing the piano sound. CHUN!

#3 Demo on Yamaha PSR-K1 Keyboard

See how he demonstrates the "Performance Assistant". I wan cheat like that too. JIEN!

Music connects us all ppl. =)


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