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Eyezmaze Games ROX!

Small talk : Tomolo's 'Computer Systems & Multimedia' paper sure die. Very cham that type. =(

Aiyor..saw this confirm cekap blazer at G2000 ler. Like it very much.

Now all i need is rm699.

Was introduced to EYEZMAZE by Annie and Jun. It's quite paria to be addicted to online flash games during finals. So if my final results turn out badly, i'm gonna blame them on Ann n Jun..hehe.

Game Tontie

This game is pretty straight forward. Just whack whack whack! Like the arcade game where u punch monsters coming out from holes with a hammer.

Oh great sifus Ann n Jun..plz bestow ur skills upon us. Me n Elaine play till Level 17 then die liao.

Game Grow Cube

However, Elaine n I agree that this game is more chun leh. Coz IT'S TOO DAMN CUTE liao! The idea of this game is to find the right combination of items to be pressed so that the whole system works. (i know it sounds stupid but it's cute ok? isn't that a cekap reason to even play it?)

When u found the right combo this will come out..Elaine did it wan..keng! The animation really damn nice ler. The creator really creative.

Hehe..give u some hints. 'Human' needs to be pressed first and 'Ball' last. All the best!

p/s : All eyezmaze lovers, share ur experiences here!


crap.. how u play until so high? i until lvl 12 or 13 nia.. then die liao. sob..

WickyWock said...
1:26 PM  

hahaa..sometimes luck wan la. fast fast get gold hammer will help alot.

now elaine play till lvl 19 liao. siao!

E-quan said...
10:22 AM  

wa...elaine not bad o, can play til level 19, now i also play til level 19, but keep on lost.when elaine pass it, tell me, i gonna call her SI FU, hahhaa.
That grow cube game, i also got play, but i cannot make all stuff to max level le...after put human thn put what o????!!!i only make 5/6 stuff to max level nia...tell me tell me

annie said...
10:28 PM  

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