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Finals vs 24

Small talk : Y nobody wan duet with me? I very scary meh?

Sorry for the lag of updates. My connection has officially lost in its race with the snail. All hail the snails!

The finals season is back again. Getting immune to it liao. It's the second last finals anyway..should i be happy n shouting 'hurray'!?! I know studies are boring..i feel working life would be boring too. Damn sien..boring at both ends wan..wakaka!

Final exams are coming n for fucks sake..i'm busy watching 24 Season 3. This is bad..REAL BAD. I wonder who writes the plot for 24..coz he/she is gawdamn awesome man. I wanna be just like him/her. I've watch until the part where Jack Bauer kills Ryan Chappelle. FOR FUCKS SAKE..Y MUST RYAN CHAPPELLE DIE?!? I so wanted that the whole thing to be a bluff..but no..he's dead. DEAD! I've just begun to like this character n he's dead. This is a bad idea man mr/ms script writer. Maybe i should take over.

U c..i'm so obsessed with 24 till i'm blogging bout it instead of studying..fuck..die. Anyway, the NITE thingy is not going so well. Getting abit tired but i still can stand it. Y can't things go the way they should be. Ppl call u do thing, u agree liao, then for fucks sake again..DO IT! Mutual understanding wan ma. Unless i'm profiting from all these, i really shouldn't be begging for ppl to do things. This is wrong. I really hope every1 can get together and contribute.

Anyway about good news : I'm coordinating this performance btw LihHuey n YinYin. Uh..if it turns out to be wat i imagined..this is going to be FANTASTIC! Really looking forward to it. Thx LH n YY for participating.

I think i'll sign off now. My connection is so champion that if u want to contact me, better e-mail than msn. All the best to my coursemates in finals.



Yeah Yiquan!

A 24 FAN!

High 5!

James said...
8:45 PM  

i know i know..u finished season 1-4 in a week rite?

my gawd..i just finished season 3 just now. the ending was superb. getting better n better everytime.

all hail 24!

E-quan said...
3:36 AM  

Yeah, the writers killing Ryan Chappelle totally ruined the show for me, that was bad writing and unnecessary. I quit watching after that.

Anonymous said...
6:12 AM  

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