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AV Industry

Walaueh..nowdays din update can kena char wan can? Sorry ar WeeHau-san. After come back from work i oredi sien-until-wanna-die-dot-com liao. No mood to post ler. But today i watched something really interesting. So this post is especially dedicated to u oh!

B4 i start, u know now i'm back in Klang doing my industrial training rite? Normally back in Skudai i get more visitors per day wan..coz my readers normally my coursemates ler. Then they have Streamyx back there so can frequent my site frequently(<--tamade..this kinda england oso can). But back here in Klang i get around 16 unique visitors a day..still can make a living ler..hehe. THANKS TO U LOYAL READERS! This topic is so so interesting! Okok..who doesn't know wat is AV? U dun know? Aiyar..dun gege la. AV stands for Adult Video..aka pr0n. I'm guessing that all of us had watched at least ONE AV in our lives(whether by own will or by force). So how..nice anot? Normally when talk about this topic with my frens..the feedback is always typical : Girls : YER..GELI!

Guys : CONFIRM..SYIOK!(<--okla..this is abit exagerated) So i was wondering got any girls out there after watch liao will say "CONFIRM..SYIOK!" or any guys will say "YER..GELI!". If there is..plz contact me. I wanna know u..haha. Okla..actually tok so long just wanna recommend u all some videos. Haha..i can see that hamsap look on ur face. Not pr0n ok. But an interview with AV star θ§€ζœˆι››δΉƒ Mizuki Hinano. She is chinese n japanese mix oh so she can speak very cekap chinese. She even has a blog can? I suddenly have an utmost respect for her. And this is a taiwanese zhong yi program. I onli hope this program could be brought to Malaysian tv ler. They all so open n humurous. Enjoy.

Youtube link >>here<<. Download link >>here<<.

p/s : I've never watched her AV b4 ler..who got? Lend lend.

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