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Back in Klang!

Yes..4th year has completed n here i am..back in Klang. My industrial training will start in a week's time though..I IS DEAD.

Anyway..have u guys noticed that my previous audios can't be played anymore? That's b'coz they had been removed by the hosting site. Why? I have no idea. Any1 has recommendation on sites that provide free audio hosting? For example is doing an excellent job in hosting videos. How bout audios?

So here i am..reposting all medias(on the same hosting site) that i've published b4. I just wanna see whether will they be removed again(<--so wu liao hor?). I've oso included the times these medias had been viewed since they were first uploaded to the internet. Enjoy!

Tong Hua (184 views)

Odeo link >>here<<.

Hou Sam Hou Bou (145 views)

Odeo link >>here<<.

Ni Na Me Ai Ta (119 views)

Odeo link >>here<<.

Super Mario Bros. Theme (201 views)

P/S : Plz forgive me if i update slower than usual for these 2 1/2 months. U know la..working>>tired>>lazy>>yadda yadda. =)


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