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SMS Mania!

So i was sleeping on a nice monday afternoon(i mean i was sleeping until monday afternoon) when multiple sms'es woke me up. Thinking : Walau..who so paria so "early" come disturb lau die(ur senior) sleeping. Rupanya is a few good frens sent me these :

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Got anot? Maxis where got so "fut lou" wan? I dun believe.

Then Elaine said,

"No..really one..u dun believe me ar? Try urself la!"

Aiyor..thinking that i might kena chopped so better fast fast register for it. After registering..TAMADE..kena liao.

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CHEW..onli can use for one day. U can finish 1k sms'es in one day meh?

So today ended up being contact-old-frens-that-u've-never-sms'ed-in-a-thousand-years day. I started sending out massive sms'es to frens in my phonebook n i myself got a few sms'es from frens that i've lost contact. Really ma..RM1.00 can't simple waste..must use till kau kau. In the end..i felt quite useless..becoz :

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I is managed to finish 71 sms'es onli. Sat bai. =(

Among a "long lost" fren who contacted me is MeiEr aka BeeNgoh. Then i ma asked, "Eh, 1000 sms'es finish liao bor?" U know wat she said?

"Nola..very cha leh..still left 600 plus."

CHAO TURTLE! Used up 400 sms'es still very "cha"?


U know..i got a 3-year-old keyboard. Always kena complained by ppl.

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"Oi..u can change ur keyboard anot? All the paint faded liao. Dunno which key is which leh."

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"But but..i like my's has multimedia keys..and it's still functioning. Why must change?"

"CHAO KING KONG! At least do something about it la."

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"Oklor..put sticker. =)"



Wahaha, you are more "cha" then me leh. =P

cheesie said...
9:50 AM  

confirm! at least u've managed to send out 1000-832 = 168 sms'es. not bad not bad.

E-quan said...
4:17 PM  

i also sent til left about 650 round there... hehe...
happy interning! :)

miao said...
8:47 PM  

walaueh..miao. i respect u. salute!

E-quan said...
10:25 PM  
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sueihuey said...
12:06 PM  

haha.. i also received that sms that morning.. but good thing i din buy that sms mania coz my credit expired dy.. or else i'll be like the sms maniac busy smsing! haha.. and i received over 30 sms that day.. even from ppl whom i dun know.. @@ and good luck in ur training.. btw, i updated my blog dy.. dun say i tak rock.. :Þ

sueihuey said...
12:13 PM  

not fair not fair...i cannot send ANY!
using postpaid

ChiawYin said...
7:02 PM  

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