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Sometimes u're just bored of the daily food u consume, ain't it? Okok..i un..there's alot of ppl starving back in Africa n i should be appreciative of the food i eat no matter how undelicious they are.


Sometimes u just wanna getaway and have something rare n exotic for a change. So this is where my post comes in.

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Located at a secluded place in JB is one hell of an exotic food haven.

Amongst the food served..

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Kuey Teow soup.

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Kat chai suen mui and Otak-otak.

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I can't believe i travelled all the way to JB to eat these. Although it's quite tasty..but..TAKKAN. Actually the specialty in this restaurant is supposed to be Fish Head Mihun. But it was CLOSED..on a SATURDAY! Damn..the owner must have earned far enough.

So wat should we do? Camwhore lor..

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BeeYong(front, second from left) seems to be awkward among all the maggie-mee-heads(not to say that maggie-mee-head is not pretty la ok?)

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I dun look thin in photos rite? Actually i've gained weight..almost wan 60kg liao. Who is wan go derma darah with me?


the pic of the girls is very disturbing......

Derek said...
3:04 PM  

wat u talking bout... pls give the reason that u say bout that. if dun hv good reason pls dun ka ka jiao jiao...

Anonymous said...
11:54 AM  
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Derek said...
5:13 PM  

wtf is this anonymous fag? if u wanna know so much state ur name lah, so i can tell u FACE TO FACE u old fart.

equan sorry for the remarks but this fugger's asking for it.

Derek said...
5:16 PM  

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