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Blog : Happy bd e-quan!
E-quan : Happy bd blog!
Blog : U sibeh old. =P
E-quan : ...

Events for E-quan's bd this year:
2/11/2007 (Fri) : Send parents to airport. They go japan hols. Walau. Pit me here.
3 - 4/11/2007 (Sat - Sun) : Go muar. Muar rox! Ma po de hua yu rox!

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2/11/2006 - When i was 22 and this blog was 1 year old!
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NICE! Happy bday!

~charng said...
12:29 AM  

happy birthday la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

小眼睛 said...
1:16 PM  

happy birthday!!!sorry, i'm at the other side of the does dat count? :)

clarence™ said...
11:44 AM  

Happy Birthday to confirmcekap and of course to e-quan...

Hooi Ean said...
1:41 PM  

Happy Belated birthday to you.
From: Klang Community eSpace

Kimmy said...
10:55 AM  

yo all.

Thanks so much for ur wishes. Means alot to me n this blog.
Wish u all all the best in watever u're doing too!

Do take care. =)

E-quan said...
5:06 PM  

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