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Due to some reasons, it prompted me to check out if i had any police summons. So i used the website below for this purpose:

VERY SURPRISINGLY(as i think i'm quite a guai driver who obeys the law), i had one summon!
The details are something like this:

Date of offence: 22/01/2006
Time of offence: 00:07am
Location of offence: Johor Bahru
Offence: Traffic Obstruction
Fine(b4 discount): RM300
Fine(after discount): RM70

WTF is this?!? I kena like almost 2 years ago. In JB, DURING THE FREAKING MIDNIGHT?!?

Well, it's impossible i'll know i kena ma. I din c any paper on my windsreen, no summon mailed to me, etc. Then is how leh?

This is where my blog comes in.

Guess where was I that time?

Made, then it all came back to me. That was like my virgin outing to a club. The place was packed. We couldn't find any parking so decided to park at road side. There was this guy there who said, "Can park wan. Pay rm5. We oredi pay kopi lui to the police. No worries wan." You can guess the story from here on...

I guess he must have removed the summon paper from my(and many others parking at the roadside that nite) windscreen in the order to show his "integrity". Cheebye betul.

Then I told Uncle Vernon about it. Cipet, he oso kena. How unfortunate are we? We(some innocent beings), just wanted to have a nice time~~~

Guess I know what u'll do now. Fucking go to the website to check if u oso kena! Haha. While you're at that, might as well check for JPJ summons oso lor. Refer below for quick links. (JPJ link sponsored by Uncle Vernon):

(The ppl who are issuing summons instead of catching criminals)

(These ppl are much better. Never do stupid 3-to-1-lane road blocks)


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