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Selamat Hari Raya '07

to all Malaysians in Malaysia and especially to Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor(SMS) in ISS! Malaysia and Malaysian Ringgit BOLEH!

It's been such a long time since i blogged. Can't blame la. My life so uneventful(not to say it's a bad thing) lately that i have nothing much to share. This raya oso din go anywhere, teman family go gai-gai nia. Monday one extra day holiday nia. Well, it's better than none at all. How bout u guys? Got take leave go anywhere holiday?

So how's everyone lately? Recently still got meet up with guys like Vern, CheeSon, Lowkei, Kelvin, PeiLi..and the norms like IanCing, YewFatt, and JoshuaNg(ahem), so know that they are doing fine. Others memang quite long time din c d. Just kadang-kala receive emails from SueiHuey with a whole bunch of forwarded chats(haha!) using company email addresses. Memang gaya. Okla, nowdays working d all must use company email forward mails issit? Anyway, me n elaine working for hotmail(sometimes for yahoo! oso), so u see our current address up there is not error oh..hehe.

HEROES and Prison Break is back with new seasons. Waiting for LOST though. Prison Break still ok, but HEROES feel like nothing much new nia. "Save the Cheerleader, save the World". So the world is saved d..wat now? Got watch Naruto oso. Still sibeh slow the story progress. Paria wan. Sakura n the old lady fight the Scorpion fellar oso need so many episodes.

Haih..seriously feel so nothing to write about. Last time memang semangat. Cincai sit down 10 minutes oso can type sibeh alot. Now almost half hour d type like this nia. 1:34am d. I better go read my Harry Potter. Haha..yeah..haven't finish ler. Now 400+ pages nia. But kanchiong d. Read until Harry n gang baru breakout from Gringotts. Syiok!

Anyway, Jay's new album..

is scheduled to be released on a very meaningful date this year. Find out when. =P


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