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Doha 2006 Asian Games

Small talk : Oh..rupanya 3 months dun log in will suspend the account wan ar? Scared scared ler..thought account kena hijacked.

Congrats to the Malaysian contingent for making it to the top 10 in the recently concluded Doha 2006 Asian Games(Total Gold Medals : 8; Rank : 10). Malaysia Boleh ma!

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China got 164 golds compared to Korea 58. Siao wan. So big the difference.

This time wan kai siao(introduce) my favourite(okla..i admit is my favourite coz leng lui..hehe..Elaine dun marah k) Malaysian athlete to Doha 2006 - 15-year-old Rufina Tan. She won gold for the Women's Sailing(Optimist Category) leh..keng!

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Leng lui k..hehe. The onli info about her is she resides in Port Dickson. All PD-kias..stalk her man..hehe.

My all time favourite Leong Mun Yee this time not so cekap 2 bronzes for Women's Diving(3m Springboard & Synchro 3m Springboard) nia..but still boleh la.

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Ok..this photo is can't show the leng-ness but seems that da internet dun have her photos leh. But is confirm leng coz ChunJern see b4 n he oso agrees wan. Info about her : Same age as me, resides in Ipoh, currently studying in UPM(Economics/Accounting). All Ipoh-kias n UPM-kias..stalk stalk stalk!

Eh..i got all those infos not b'coz i stalk ppl k. I got from the Doha 2006 official site wan. Wan complain something..even the doha site has more info about our local athletes compared to stupid Malaysian Olympic Council and Majlis Sukan Negara. Invest millions in stupid sports complex dowan invest a little on websites..damn.


agree with you Rufina is such a cute leng lui....

but you only got that picture of her meh? I got this sweet close up pic of her fom the NSC website

liao ..emmm sweeet gal

and more heroines here:

looks like nsc guys didnt forget to pay their tribute to their heroes through their website.

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