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4th Year Anniversary

Small talk : Hehe..i'm back in Klang neh. Tomolo(sunday) i'll be having my JLPT 3 exam. This time is CONFIRM die. If dun die is miracle. Sad man..waste money like this. Haih.

This post was inspired by this.

Unlike her, i usually don't write mushy stuffs on my blog. First of all, it's not that it's cannot write mushy stuffs on blogs. It's just that..i'm not a girl. Being a guy blogger, writing mushy stuffs will onli scare all my readers away..not to mention reading mushy stuffs(written by me self) will onli generate geli-bumps on my skin.


Becoz this is something worth remembering(for me) n i've put quite a lot of effort in making it..i think i'll just write this simple post so it can be stored for future remembrance.


Today is Me n Elaine officially paktoh for FOUR YEARS liao! I made her this..

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Ok..i know it's simple. But it's the content that counts!

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These are two very memorable Genting Theme Park tickets dating back to 02.12.02..hehe.

This is what this little book is all about..

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Ok..i know it's plain. But i dun have 25pc/set STABILO Fineliner point 88 Flower Power Set ok? Contents ppl..CONTENTS!

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Together with the 'Plot Outline's and the movie tickets i've collected over the years! From 2006..all the way down to..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2002. Yes i know. It's very cekap rite? Tak sangka i've collected all these tickets all this while rite?

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In the end got some mushy stuffs that would not interest all.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 'chop' somore. Very pro wan.

I dunno about u, but i think this is really memorable lor. Next time wuliao can read it n laugh, "Mahai, u still remember this cheebye movie anot? Wasted our money man.." etc etc. I'll end this post with a summary of the movies that me n Elaine had watched thus far..

Summary :
- Total movies watched is 54(i might have missed some tickets).
- This means if we were to go for a movie every weekend we can watch for a year+!
- We watched more english movies than chinese and japanese movies.
- We watched the "Infernal Affairs Trilogy" all three episodes in cinema.
- The most paria(waste time n money) english movies that we've watched it's either The Pink Panther, Firewall, or DOOM.

Happy 4th Year Anniversary, Elaine.


happy anniversary to you two :D

Deriku said...
11:19 PM  

thx thx. happy half year of enslavement to u too!

take care dude.

E-quan said...
1:29 PM  

Sweet...:) Happy anniversary!

Frivolous rants said...
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