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Hey guys, i've just recovered from a pc crashdown. I'm very VERY fortunate that i didn't have to format my com. Damn windows, can't live with u can't live w/o u..cheebye.

My fyp/psm requires Visual Basic so i've installed VB 2005 Express Edition and after installation i've been getting a lot of pop-up windows that'll auto shut down my browsers, media players, etc. Normally it's ok, i'll just restart the mentioned programs until recently this happened :

"An unhandled win32 exception occurred in svchost.exe [xxx].
Just-In-Time debugging this exception failed with the following error : No
installed debugger has Just-In-Time debugging enabled. In

This time damn serious, when start windows will get this pop-up n it won't go away. It has also disabled my network connections which auto means i can't connect to the internet. I've used my home com to search for solutions on the net but after trying many many "solutions" recommended in forums, the best i could do was disabling the pop-ups BUT my network is still down. Among the methods tried :

1) Uninstalling Visual Studio/.NET Framework 2.0/ etc.
2) Disabling JIT Debugger.
3) Re-enabling Dr Watson to handle exceptions.
4) Scan com for virus/adwares etc.
5) Utilizing Windows Recovery.

Without internet means got pc oso no use; if got pc oso no use means e-quan might as well die. I've oredi reached the point of thinking MUST FORMAT liao coz after seeing the various symptoms..i can summarize that my svchost.exe(which controls many windows functions) IS CORRUPTED. But b4 formatting always can do this last trick(which for this worked!)

Ok..w/o wasting more time..let's go to the solution. I hope it can help other ppl facing the same prob. But as always if u corrupt ur com dun blame might be u too n00b liao..hehe. Partly taken from my must-format post :

(Strong recommendation : Back-up important data)

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First u have to insert an ORIGINAL COPY OF WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL CD(which costs around rm600). Original..fight against Piracy. =)

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Startup ur com and keep jab the "Delete" key to enter BIOS mode.

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Play around till u find the "Boot Sequence" option or page. Set the CD/DVD rom as the 1st boot device. Save n restart ur com.

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When this appears quickly SLAM ur palm on the keyboard..anywhere on the keyboard will do.

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Press "ENTER".

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After this u wait for around half an hour like that for the whole process to end. When it does, ur com will restart n when u enter more pop-ups n network connection back on. Most importantly, didn't have to format so saved alot ALOT of time n energy.

I wish u luck Jedi. May the force be with you.

Keywords : Just-In-Time Debugger, JIT, svchost.exe, visual studio, .NET framework 2.0, unhandled win32 exception pop-up.

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The only problem is the other programs don't work after re-installing windows=='

Anonymous said...
12:40 PM  

The whole thing can be put to end by just doing this.

Start>Run> drwtsn32 -I


Anonymous said...
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