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MENSA? You're mental..

"So u think u very smart izzit?" I'm sure u've heard this phrase b4. Though i'm quite sure i'm not VERY smart..i'm quite happy that i'm not dumb..wahaha! I was reading Xiaxue's last last time posts n i found that she's one of the 2% smartest ppl in her! But do u know if u're one of the smartest ppl in ur country? Thanks to MENSA, u can now do that..just head to ur local MENSA institute n take a 40-minute 36-question test(based on Raven's Progressive Matrices). If u score a top 2%..u can then join MENSA! Hell..i'm sure i would fail straight away. Why? Coz i couldn't even answer this :

Based on the 8 pictures given(top)..u're suppose to guess which is the 9th one by choosing from the 8 choices given(bottom) to u. Hint : The full 9 pictures are of a certain pattern(in a progressive manner). So u think u very smart izzit? Try to do this in 1.11 minutes(40 minutes devided by 36 questions).

Hehe..u thought the answer is top row 1st one rite? Too such choice given. Check the "comments" for the answer. Plz post at the comments(if u wan) telling whether u've managed it or not( less than 1.11 minutes lor). Wahaha..


The answer is last row, third from the left. A square with a circle within. Why? If u see nicely >> From top row, left to right >> the 1st picture n the 2nd picture..combine it..take out the overlapping lines(yang bertindih)..u'll get the 3rd picture. Same if u see it from top to bottom and from top-left to bottom-right. Magnificent isn't it? So did u get it? SURE U DID..U SMARTY-PANTS.

E-quan said...
6:45 PM  

hehe.. i did it in less than 30 sec. =P quite simple really. standard question.

u went for mensa test ah? i wanna go la. but dunno where.

and hor.. no need so susah.. just look from left to right enough liao..

Chia said...
9:47 PM  

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