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Half-Blood Prince

Okok..just this last one b4 the clock ticks away to a new year.

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I know it's abit late to do so but i've just finish reading J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I would really have to say..this is not as good as i've expected it to be. I've always felt that the Goblet of Fire was really magnificent! BUT..i quite like the ending of this one..being so damn the sad. Was almost in tears..tsk tsk. A tough n difficult journey just to retrieve a stupid fake Horcrux, Bill being bitten by a werewolf, and Dumbledore..DEAD! Shit man..i hate this. Why must every author in the world make the most wise guy die?!?

Now now..for my foresee of Book 7..the final one. It'll be fun checking on this post when i'm reading the real book(Rowling said she'll start on the book early 2006..dunno when will it be published then). I would roughly guess that :

1. Dumbledore didn't die of coz.
2. Sirius didn't die also.
3. Snape is actually a good guy.

Wait..i'm looking so optimistic. Well..i'm quite sure alot of readers have the same view as i have. However..having read Rowling's 6th book now..i would sadly(although i wish it won't be true) have to conclude that i think :

4. After killing Voldemort, Harry will terpaksa have to be gone too..meaning that he'll either die or something like vanished.

Again i have to remind u readers that this is of coz just a little guessing of don't have to agree or disagree with me. Having read Rowling's 6th book now(hey..this sounds familiar), i think she'll end it this way just to give an impactful ending n leave a strong impression on her readers.

p/s : I will be laughing my ass off if none of the above materialises.


Just finished reading Harry Potter 5 during 1 month holiday. Agree that Harry Potter 4 is the best at this moment, especially during the return of Voldemore. Then, think that the storyline of harry5 is a bit panjang and busuk. And oso force myself to believe that Sirius is dead. Keep on hoping that sirius will return from the black hole when read that part of the book.

Hehe...lazy to read half-blood prince when c the thickness of the book. wait till next holiday la...

Lee Jun said...
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after watching harry potter 4 on the silver screen, i actually had to re-read HP5 b4 proceeding to this HP6..coz kinda forget the story edi. yeah..HP5 wrote too much stuffs about feelings of Harry he's always having PMS. i would suggest that u read HP6 straight away..u wait till next hols..wat oso forgot liao..haha!

E-quan said...
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