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After reading kennysia's "what to buy for men" post(all gfs in this world..plz read it), i suddenly had a rush to post this. Plz..Santa..i HAD been a good boy this year..if u could onli give me these :

Present #1 : Apartment(rm220,000)
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I really need this..a 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms apartment. You see..i've never owned a house of mine b4.

Present #2 : BMW 530i(rm478,000)
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Yes yes..i know this car is more expensive than the apartment. But u know la..Malaysia ma..everything concerning a car is fairly cheap compared to the car itself. Plz..i've always wanted a BMW..ALWAYS! Look at this car's eyebrows..drool.

Present #3 : YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-01C(rm34,900)
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This is a Yamaha musical instrument. I own an EL-87 but this Stagea is a mean sound machine. With this i can play even more fantabulous music.

Present #4 : DELL Inspiron 6000(rm3499)
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Ohh..a confirm cekap notebook. I really want this too. With this n the desktop i'm currently using..i can have 2 coms online at the same time! One upstairs one downstairs. Then i can blog for u readers every single second(now this is called profesionalism). AND i can ON 2 msn accounts at once(hey..i'm becoming more like a geek Bill Gates).

Present #5 : iPod Nano 2G(rm980)
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Wow..look at this tiny beauty. It's whitetishness is so pure n innocent(just like me..giggle). Since i love music..this mp3 player is A MUST!

To conclude this..rm220,000 + rm478,000 + rm34,900 + rm3499 + rm980 = rm737,379! I quote from : "if my girl buys me this, I'll be her slave for 5 days 4 nights (inclusive of 5% govt tax and 10% service charge, minibar not included)". Now..all i need is Santa =)


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