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Car vs GF

"'Arry, eet 'as been so long..I 'ave been longing to see you." i sound like Fleur Delacour? "Fleur Delacour..gorgeous, she is." i sound like Master Yoda. Okok..i admit..i am becoming more koo-koo day by day. U know wat..i'm back in Skudai oredi..while Elaine is enjoying her sweet time at home. Due to a doctor's appointment on Thursday, she'll be making an UTM grand entrance onli next week.

Today is the first day of school(i like to call uni a school..y..kenot izzit?) and it pretty much..well..there's no word for it. The teacher(lecturer) ffk'ed(ffk = fong fei kei = fly aeroplane = didn't make it) n we went for an early breakfast. I had a 3-point-plan for my car today. I shall surprise her by :

#1 : Service (rm132.70)
Went to "Proton Edar Service" for her scheduled check-up. She had been a real loyal friend..getting me where i wanna be. Kinda like use her too much though(getting to and fro btw Klang n Skudai). She's really been through alot for her young age.

#2 : Tyres (rm20.00)
The front tyres seem to be wearing out. I had both the front ones swapped with the back ones. Balancing was adjusted too. I had these done in "U Tyre & Service Centre" n dun u think rm20 is alot?!?

#3 : Wash (rm10.00)
Quite long didn't bring her for a shower edi. Brought her to JSL Auto Care. Good thing about having some1 else do the cleaning : cleaner(dun bluff..u can never clean as well as they do), won't have to mess u ur shirt n pants, and can save ur sweat for something else. Bad thing : HEY..since when naik rm2 liao?!?

So all together..she was pampered for the cost of rm132.70 + rm20.00 + rm 10.00 = rm162.70! All in a day. I hope she's happy.

Before treatment :
Image hosted by

After Treatment :
Image hosted by

I once heard some1 saying, "People who love n care for their cars are people who love n care for their girlfriends." Well..(wink!)


eh....dun bluff.The be4 n after treatment pic is too kua cheong.But funny..hehe.

Heard from ppl that car is man's 2nd wife(u should know who is the 1st wife :P).Anyway, must sayang ur 1st n 2nd wiives.

Lee Jun said...
9:12 AM time i drive my after treatment car show u k? yeah yeah..all wives oso sayang sayang..wahaha!

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