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let us truly cherish NOW, the love ones around us NOW, and everything that is NOW.

Hi, haven't been blogging for aeons. Quite busy with project lately as it is reaching the peak phase. Everynite come home oredi very tired d. Only one thing in mind - dinner and sleep (ooppss, that's two things). But that will change now..

Recently something BIG happened in the company that i'm working in now. A colleague of mine passed away.

It was a lazy wednesday as i went to work (after a public holiday on tue). Checked my mail and saw this mail from the admin support:

We are sorry to announce that our colleague Pang Wei Qiang has passed away yesterday..
I was like, "WTF, this kinda thing make joke very fun meh?!?" It was till a few moments later that i found out it wasn't a joke and it hit me like a BANG. He was gone..forever.

That day I felt the reality of life.

To tell the truth, i was abit frustrated and angry that everyone proceeded with their daily routines and it was as though nothing had happened. Just another colleague down with MC and absent for the day.

I felt cold. Very cold indeed.

I'm not saying that everyone is feeling-less but after that i realized that actually everyone was feeling the same. He is gone, but what can we do about it? We feel sad but should we cry it out loud? I don't think so.

I thought the same.

Pang Wei Qiang, one year my senior. That'll make him at the age of 24. 24-year-old young man, dead. Cause of death: Still unknown to me. I was informed that he was sleeping and did not wake up after that.

What makes his death such a big impact on me was because he works in the same 4-person cubicle as i am. And he was just asking me a question on programming (marshalling to be exact) on monday evening. I didn't know that would be the last conversation btw me n him.

Pang, u're such a kind and generous person. I remember when i shifted to your cubicle, you're the first person who greeted me. You, LeeYean, and Chow were always so so kind to offer me tidbits and whatnots whenever you had any. I can remember the verses clearly. Especially yours calling out to me, "YiQuan, YiQuan, 来吃, 来吃, 还有很多 leh." (YiQuan, come eat la. Still got alot leh.) Pang, u were also one of the persons i referred to whenever i had any C# or configuration management questions. You were never ever stingy on sharing your knowledge. I can never thank you enough for lending a helping hand to a newbie like me.

Pang, i'm sorry i never got to know you better. Wherever you are now, I wish you peace.

To everyone that's reading this, go home to your family. It doesn't matter if you give your parents, your sibblings, your other half, your children, a hug, a kiss, or any sweet words. U'll be surprised that your mere presence means a whole lot to them.

Lastly, i have a request to God(or whoever is behind this whole universe thingy). Please let children have longer lives than their parents. It's not f**king right to see your children die b4 you, EVER!


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