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Soda Green

Walaneh, time passes really fast can? Oredi work for 3 weeks d..fuh. Sure is tanpa disedari then work one year d..haha.

It's the weekend again. Ada apa plans ma? Sien hor. Weekends should be go out wan but everywhere packed. Sibeh sien. Last wed Elaine n her housemates plus some guys who now work in KL go watch Fantastic Four in Midvalley. I din go ler*. Coz after work somore go KL then i come back home very late d. Maklumlah, i guai gia ok? Must reach home early report to mom. Furthermore after midnight my car turn to pumpkin d. So need becareful wan. =P But the farniest thing was after the movie Elaine called..

Me : So the movie nice ma? Should be ok hor. Got silver surfer all.
Elaine : Yeah la..damn "nice".
Me : Walau, takkan?!?
Elaine : YeeChong say it's so "nice" until it should be called Fucktastic Four!!!

*Nasib din go. V0_0V


Wan tell u all i sot tiu one song lately. It's called "Xiao Qing Ge"(Small Love Song) by a group called "Su Da Lv"(Soda Green). Watch the youtube below and i wan ask u all a question.

蘇打綠 - 小情歌LIVE

The lead singer girl or boy?!? Google around to find out the answer..haha. Really nice song btw.


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