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Working Life

Hi lengzais lengluis. Apa macam. Busy ar? Start working d anot?

For me, worked for a total of 6 days d. Time flies. It's the weekend again. Haven't been blogging for the longest time. Boh-huat. Work come back d..damn tired. Where got mood do anything else?

Come, let me tell u something about my work. 1st hor, i need drive around 45mins to work lor. 50KMs one way. Ok..petrol money i is dun really mind wan. Buthen hor, need pass 3 tolls. Damn tulan. Chongchi one month RM600 gone for petrol n toll d..WALAN! Haha, u all sure scold me bodoh do this kinda things wan. But again. Boh-huat. Too like stay at home d. Somore mom quite a good cook. So..boh-huat ler. =)

Then hor, work really abit the pressure. It's not ppl give u pressure ler. It's ownself give ownself pressure. "Nei yao ngat lek, ngo dou yao ngat lek" they say. Coz the things that i'm suppose to do abit the out of my scope can? Although i'm quite interested in it but..walan..can die. So everyday for the past few days it's all about learning. Haha, i know. U all sure wondering WTF am i tokking about rite? "Do wat job?" u might ask. But to protect the author from unwanted "threat/disturbance" from work, my job shall be highly confidential..wakaka! See, i didn't even tell u where i am working. 50KMs to where rite? Wakaka!

Haih, i oso dunno y i'm writing all these bull-shits. Chongchi sebagai conclusion now work is scared scared ler. Scared dunno how to do then make the whole project fail..haha. Hopefully it'll get better overtime. Dunno y baru work one week keep thinking of end of month get paid..haha. This definitely proves that i'm not working material. DIE. =(

Searched through some old stuffs lately and found these(probably drawn when i was in primary school). Maybe these are some indications that i have engineering potential since young?!? Aiyar, no i think. More to technician potential. Haha.

How to sambung a Micro Genius, OMFG!!! Dun gege, i CONFIRM u got play b4 when u were young.

How to sambung a PC.

And today went to Sunway Pyramid with Elaine to gaigai and watch Shrek 3. Not as nice as expected. But wat unexpected was this something left on my car's windscreen when we were leaving.

Thank You.
We value your patronage and as a token of appreciation, we have cleaned your windscreen. We look forward to seeing you again. nice n touching. At least i got something for a RM3 parking. I really hope they would start washing my car as a token of appreciation. Cheers!


wah u 50km 45mins..ok wad. i take 30mins for 8km. think wat. means urs not jammed lo...but then again..u working at Cyber..sure not jam la..sigh...

H.C. Tan said...
6:48 PM  

hahaha...30mins for 8km?!? makes me remember the days when i need around 15mins+ just to cross a fly over at the berkeley roundabout in klang. damn !@#!^$&*%#, haha.

E-quan said...
2:38 AM  

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