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Bangkok/Pattaya Trip

Small talk : It has been 3 weeks since my last post. Sincere apologies to SweetCheeks and H.C. Tan..haha.

Hey there. How have you been doing? Sien hor? Haha. Anyway, remember my plane-in-utm-featuring-iancing post? The planes there are in the Mechanical-Aeronautics Faculty there(the place where HC jiejie studied!!!). Must give credit u see..haha.

A week from today(next Friday), yours truly will start work in Company P liao. Like Deriku says, "Happy Enslavement!"..haha. Tak sangka zaman persekolahan passed just like that and now need earn money liao. Hopefully everything goes well there.

I just returned from a graduation trip to Bangkok/Pattaya. It was a one-week trip and for me it was ok nia(most probably b'coz i was sick there..haih). But for the girls, syiok man. Shopping till not enough Baht. Must exchange more somore..keng!

Unlike usual where I show you a series of 25+ photos(haha!), I'm just gonna show some interesting ones nia. I think if i posted all the photos that were taken there(6 cameras), i might need upload 2000+ which i will die.

This is the hotel which we stayed during the 2-nites in Pattaya. It is called A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel which is shaped like a ship. Damn cekap this hotel, MUCH nicer than the one we stayed in Bangkok.

I got to see this live. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Pork Cup Mee..SYIOK! Pernah see dried pork slices? Haha.

I got to eat a Samurai Pork Burger in McD cool is that?!? I googled and it seems that it is onli available in Thailand. Correct me if i'm wrong. It is delicious btw.

And the photos u all had been waiting for...

AH GUAS!!! (All photos can be enlarged. Esp for u HAM SAP LOUS!)

Miss Tiffany's Universe 2007 - Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn. OMFG!!!

After the show, we got a chance to take photos with the performers. But need 40 baht oh. Heard from our guide if want touch "papayas" need 100 baht..haha!

See..mine SOoooo CUTE!

Let's see again...

CUTE! Haha.

Oh..forgot to mention we watched the highly-anticipated Thai Girl Show and had a Thai massage oso. All in Pattaya. Aiyar..should organize a 7-day trip there ma..wakakaka!

The girls were discussing, "We girl tourists go Thailand damn susah. Pretty not enough Thai girls pretty, and can't even win Thai ah guas. You all got see the Thai men on the street anot? They "kap" the guy tourists MORE! WTF?!?".

I laughed till beh-tahan..haha. And since we had some time b4 returning to Malaysia...

We stopped by in Paris for dinner. =P

Need work liao. FIGHTO~~~OH!

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wah kayanya graduan masa kini...

Deriku said...
11:04 PM  

Where the thai girls show pictures? i wan see they shoot banana fr.....haha

-ze[x]- said...
1:02 AM  

i know where u r working! ho ho ho..

H.C. Tan said...
9:58 AM  

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